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All Arbelsoft products come with three different levels. The first satisfying basic needs, the second as an intermediate level, and the third that comes with all advanced capabilities. Level 1 is appropriate for small scale businesses, or for business owners personally interacting with walk-in customers, whereas level 3 supports large scale businesses that may even require absent management of satellite stores. Whatever your needs are, the program has the flexibility and the amount of customization to fit your needs. deco  System Level Controller

The CleanMax default appearance setting is dark gray but our new offering includes 18 additional appearance settings including aquamarine, deep ocean, blue, spring green, burgundy, metallic silver, cocoa, brown, ivory, etc so that you can personalize the system with a one touch button. deco  Multiple Appearance setting options

There is an endless amount of flexibility when it comes to customizing the software to fit and accommodate to your business needs. There is no need for you to alter your ways in order to be able to use our software. Our software changes to fit you and your specific business demands always. deco Variable customized set-up

The CleanMax software comes with a customized list of dry-cleaning charges that do not require much alteration and can virtually be used as is. For customers only purchasing the software, we will provide you with a code containing a customized list of charges. deco Initial Price Set-Up for new users;

Based on how much an employee feels that he or she can accomplish during their work shift, they can select those tasks on the operation screen, and click "Process" in order to calculate operation costs.

This figure functions as an allowance for the employee. For instance in the Coin Laundry System, in reference to the example picture on the left, the employee would be allowed $41.75 in change, whereas if your Laundromat operates with the Smart Card System, that amount would be downloaded onto the card. This way, you can practice efficient absent management. You can also view what percent of your revenue goes to expenses. This can be used later on for report functions.

When you are on the expense setup screen, first set the actual amount you charge customers. Then you can perform a test run for about a week by clicking "Print Log" and keeping track of figures which will be reflective of how high or low your expenses are in actuality. At this point you may return to the expense setup and make this adjustment accordingly.
deco Operation Cost Setup - LaundroMax

LaundroMax: Sell up to 126 different consumer goods such as Tide, Bounce, Clorox, Phone Cards, Smart Cards for Laundromats operating with a Smart Card System, Clothing Bags, etc. by either entering the items on the program, or through a simple scan of the UPC or SKU code by the Metrologic Fusion scanner, which is a Standard option item.

ShoeMax: Handles the sales of 551 relevant goods such as brushes, waxes, polishes, and dyes, all consolidated in one easily accessible and expandable screen. Additional items include but are not limited to knife sharpeners, and key copies. Such sales can be handled and processed in combination with customer repair orders or can also be carried out separately by pressing the appropriate item button or scanning the itemís UPC or own SKU code. When accounting for secondary subitems such as shoe creams that come in various shades and colors, our software can support up to 31,958 individual items.

deco Sales Item Setup - LaundroMax, ShoeMax


For global applications, you can enter a code provided by us for the exchange rate, which will alter and recalculate the default values for all service charges to match the currency of your country. For example, the 1700 Columbian Pesos are valued at 1 USD, meaning that various USD values would translate into longer numbers that may or may not necessarily fit into tickets and reports. We have already taken this into account, and have reformatted our tickets and reports for global applications so as to fit all values in a neat and presentable manner. deco Currency Conversion for foreign currencies

All the scales interfaced with our system have the capability of being converted from pounds to kilograms, inches to centimeters, etc to match the units used in the International System of Units, utilized by a majority of the world. deco Metric Scale conversion

Our software allows for you to enter holidays specific to your country so that the system can automatically avoid setting ready-by dates that fall on a holiday for example, or for the regulation of payroll dates around a holiday, etc. Holidays that do not necessarily fall on a specific date but rather on a certain week of a month, such as Thanksgiving for example can be preset and entered into the system in that kind of a format as well. deco Holiday set-up for countries overseas

We are preparing multiple language conversions for all Arbelsoft products so that you can work in the language of your country, or the language with which you are most comfortable. The first release will be in Spanish, followed by Portuguese & Italian shortly afterwards. deco Multiple language support

Our simulated instructions, which include over 270 different sample instructions and details on various aspects of our software, are currently available in English, Spanish & Korean. deco Help & Simulated instructions in multiple languages

Apply any kind of universal taxes or rates such as GST, PST, VAT, and Sales taxes or tax exemptions for certain item(s). Appropriate for foreign and U.S users. deco Universal Tax Entry

Our program supports all different kinds of currency as made possible by our minimum currency unit feature which allows for you to set the appropriate cash cutoff so that the program can display cash tendered and other cash amounts in your currency. deco Minimum Unit Feature for All Currencies


If you have spent the first couple of days with our product testing and practicing the various features, and changing around values, you can reset all default conditions with a button accessible by a password provided by Arbelsoft. However, this password is only accessible once, so as to prevent the accidental deletion of your preferred settings at a later time. deco Initial data reset

There are 1200 different combinations within a price table that can be applied to each customer individually. For example, wholesalers might be charged according to the charges on price table 3, whereas customer X may be charged the amounts on price table 1, etc. deco Unlimited Price Tables

CleanMax comes equipped with a telephone directory database of the neighborhood surrounding your store location. This becomes useful when setting up initial customer accounts, or for finding new potential customers when launching a marketing campaign. deco Telephone Directory database

Arbelsoft software is compatible with most common printers such as Samsung, Epson, Star, Okidata, Zebra, etc. If you are just purchasing the software, you will, for the most part be able to utilize the hardware you currently have in your possession. deco Supports most common printers

Upon entering memos in your schedule on the main screen, the schedule button will change from white to red, indicating that there are important tasks to be done on that given day. deco  Scheduling memorandum & reminder function

Prevents confusion and mistakes occurring from an accidental or intentional alteration of the time and date, such as cash control, the deletion or editing of tickets, and employee attendance control. Even if someone tries to temper with the time clock from the Control Panel on the computer, the time settings will go back to its original form. deco On screen clock can not be tempered with

ArbelSoft offers a built-in magnetic swipe reader option as well as two different choices of integrated software to facilitate all credit card charges made within your business. Mercury Payment Systems has a rapid and affordable form of payment processing with zero cancellation and application fees and low rates guaranteed. The second option with PCCharge allows a score of payment processing company options that can be integrated with our system for ease and flexibility with application and cancellation fees that vary from company to company. deco Integrated Credit Card Processing

Arbelsoft software comes with an auto dialer as a quick and easy way to get in touch with customers with a one touch button. deco Auto dialer

Arbelsoft products come with the option of implementing SoundMax, which greets the customer and reports the amount due. deco Audible greeting & announcement

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